How to Market and Sell Your Custom Made Jewelry Full Time Or Part Time

How to Market and Sell Your Custom Made Jewelry Full Time Or Part Time

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Welcome to Starting Your Own Jewelry Making Business. Having spent many years starting businesses that ranged from selling horticulture products, selling books and music cd's, making and selling jewelry, software development, Ebay sales, Transportation, and others. In addition I have had the pleasure of working for various industries usually in top management positions. This gives me a unique background and insight to all of the ins and outs of starting a business. This book as you will quickly find out is not intended to teach you how to make or design jewelry. There are plenty of good books on the market that can teach you those skills.What this book is about is walking through step by step the process of specifically starting a jewelry making and jewelry sales business. We will walk through in some detail the many aspects of getting your business started without making it too complex to understand.Some of the many topics we will cover are: What type of licensing will I need, how do I find out where to go. We will go deeper into some of the other aspects involved such as opening business checking accounts, registering your business assumed name. Not sure what it is going to cost to get started? We will help you quickly go through the process.We will go in depth on the important aspects of how to calculate how much it costs you to manufacture your jewelry. Then taking outside factors into consideration we will show you how to price your products for a profit through the various sales outlets of retail stores, wholesalers / distributors, and sales reps.Want to learn how to market your jewelry to retail stores, consignment shops, sales reps, florist shops, nail and hair salons, flea markets, trunk sales, Ebay, etc etc. We go into detail on all of these markets and provide real world examples of how it was done. This book spends some time on the complex aspects of selling to online services like Ebay, and setting up your own website. If you do not like to get out and sell we have some solutions for that as well.BBGroup Media. Beyond the basic website is where you can turn your internet connection into an effective marketing tool. One of the things a website account allows you to do is setup additional email forwarding addresses. For instance, youanbsp;...

Title:How to Market and Sell Your Custom Made Jewelry Full Time Or Part Time
Author:BBGroup Media
Publisher:BBGroup Media - 2011-03-01


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