How to Observe the Sun Safely

How to Observe the Sun Safely

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The Sun is the brightest and most accessible object in the sky, and it has much to offer the amateur astronom er with modest equipment. On most days it shows sunspots and other features that displaya wealth of fine detail and change their appearance strikingly from day to day. But observing the Sun can be dangerous. NEVER look at the Sun through a telescope or other optical aid, even for a brief instant. The Sun's intense radiation, amplified and focused by a telescope, will almost certainly cause eye injury and could weIl lead to complete blindness. Do not attempt any solar observing until you have read and understood the safety precautions and observing advice set out in Chapter 2 of this book - even if you think you have the correct equipment. Be especially wary about using filters to observe the Sun. If you have a filter that makes the Sun look dark, it is not necessarily safe, as it is largely the Sun's invisible radiation that is harmful to the eye. But provided you use the correct techniques, such as projecting the solar image onto a screen or using a specially designed, quality solar filter that fits over the telescope aperture, it is quite easy to observe the Sun safely.If a significant amount accumulates you may have to take the lens to an astronomical supplier or a camera repair ... Avoid focusing on the large outer part of the screen, partly because the image is faint here but mostly because the centre of the image will be blurred if there is any field ... Some of the Nikon cameras have a detachable prism and Nikona#39;s focusing magnifier is a powerful eyepiece whichanbsp;...

Title:How to Observe the Sun Safely
Author:Lee Macdonald
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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