How to Stop Believing in Hell

How to Stop Believing in Hell

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Kirkus Reviews wrote: .a€œa€bKimballa€™s debut explores his hallucinatory religious mania, from his early childhood onward, beginning when he attended Catholic school. The early pages guide readers through narratives of his uncomfortable childhood traumas, sometimes in ugly detaila€b. Various other moments of shame revolved around school. Finding sex repugnant and sinful, he decided early on to remain celibate; he avoided sex until his eventual institutionalization. Meanwhile, hallucinatory monstersa€”including Lorus, a€œa turbulent face, golden like the comedy maska€ba€a€”and company pushed him away from religion, though he did convert to Pentecostalism in spite of them. Through this process, Kimball developed a solipsistic worldview, in which he was never sure others existed. Ultimately, though, it was his fear of damnation that became his greatest obsession, driving all the rest of his delusions and fears. He does exhibit a flair for descriptiona€b: a€œOn summer evenings, I liked to stand on the arroyo side of the house at night, alone, feeling the desert breeze through the tamarisks and smelling the clean desert smells in the warm darkness. The long row of tamarisks, with its tens of thousands of insects of a thousand species, hummed like the telephone network in The Castle, a beautiful, accidental music.a€™a€ keywords: blasphemy, the culture of death, child abuse, solipsism, deliverance, salvation, natural law, damnation, abortion, eternal hell, street people, eternal torment, schizophrenia, courage, fear of hell, revelation, Sonoran Desert, self-righteousness, alcoholics anonymous, nonsense, teaching, hippies, draft, homosexualityI stood with my sign almost within touching distance of the passing cars. ... I changed the route each day until I had picketed all eighteen sites. ... When I was out protesting, people looked amazed as they drove past me. ... I heard one man in the line say to his wife, a€•Hea#39;s like John the Baptist. ... They had a right to be shocked and angry. ... One day, when I finished my protest without incident, I found myself and my sign on the longest, newest Metro exit in the city, six stories high, with asanbsp;...

Title:How to Stop Believing in Hell
Author:Robert Clayton Kimball
Publisher:Chipmunkapublishing - 2012-04-01


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