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How To Swindle by Faking Science then you are going read what is the mother of all the conspiracies in science, which is about how science applies mind control by processing thought control. This is the truth! Science practicing physics about Astronomy, Cosmology and everything to do with Stars, the Cosmos or Universe, Galactica is under a Conspiracy to hide and conceal the truth?Does this sound far-fetched - I challenge you to read this book and then still think it is far fetched. Read what science hides and I prove every word. This book reveals what Science in Physics concerning Astronomy, Cosmology hides for hundreds of years. You read how science swindles to make Newton seem truthful and every time they find out how nature works nature destroys Newtonian concepts completely. This is the a conspiracy? For the first time in history I prove gravity is P. But if science was as unblemished and perfect as physicists say it is then my work has no place to be. This then is the attitude in science about my work. To counter that claim I prove that there is a mother conspiracy in place about covering the misconceptions hidden under a cloak of false lily-white purity and truthfulness. To hide Newton?s in defendable incorrectness science created a mother conspiracy, which I reveal. There is a mother conspiracy hiding mistakes in place. Science benefits from and build upon this mother conspiracy being in place while I can?t get further with my work while it is in place. It?s imbedded in the teaching and learning process students undergo in learning Newtonian dogma. Students are brainwashed by the instigation of mind control that forces students to accept the dogma.I prove gravity has value of P, still by keeping me quiet I am perverted to introduce a new cosmic vision showing how the Universe forms when enlisting the four phenomena. How it works in science is Newton gets undeserved unduly credit in discrediting nature. I show how singularity takes on every shape and space we know. Are you up to facing the truth about what you thought is more righteous than God? Read this and see what those in science hide to make them seem so surreal?P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte. [HAcpter # PAGE I: Elf HL/WY TU 5a#39;a#39;a#39;INDLEEaquot;f FAKING # ILHEL the more lift and the Swifter the lift will be that the balloon provides, The issue sticking out is that the balloon then must not have ImAAŸAŸ because With anti anbsp;...

Author:P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-12-14


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