How You Can Sell More Books

How You Can Sell More Books

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How Brian Sold Over 240, 000 Books When Brian Rathbone got himself kicked out of high school, no one would have guessed he would go on to sell nearly a quarter of a million books. No one knew who he was. No one was waiting to buy his next book, but somehow he managed to build an audience from scratch. Brian shares his mistakes and successes, so you can benefit from his experiences. Introduction - Who the heck is Brian Rathbone? The Basics a€“ Dona€™t put the cart before the dragon Audience Building a€“ Engage the geek magnet Hyperlinks for Authors a€“ Transporting the reader to your world Readers Versus Units Sold a€“ Treasure the dragon, not the hoard Email Lists a€“ The dragons are in the list Mailing List Rental a€“ Other peoplea€™s dragons Giving Away Content a€“ No such thing as a free dragon Distributors Versus Publishing Direct a€“ Here, you deal with the dragons! Conventions, Events and Book Signings a€“ Beware the unicorn traffic jam Give The Reader Options a€“ What color is your dragon? Meta-data a€“ People who ran from this dragon also ran from that one Know Your Retailer a€“ Befriend the gentle giant Team Up With Others a€“ There is strength in legion Where To Spend Your Money a€“ You cana€™t take hoard with you Web Sites And Email For Authors a€“ hotone @ Twitter For Authors a€“ Wookiees, Peanuts and Shapeways SEO For Authors a€“ Invisible books dona€™t sell and they scare me a little Analytics For Authors a€“ Counting your dragons. Marketing Nonfiction a€“ How dragons can help you, too! Conclusion a€“ Group dragon hug.This could be another writer who writes similar books to yours, or a service built entirely around targeted mailing lists. ... distributed, then multiplatform promotions should provide greater overall value than lists that only promote Kindle books.

Title:How You Can Sell More Books
Author:Brian Rathbone
Publisher:White Wolf Press, LLC - 2015-06-20


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