HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js

HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js

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HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js gives first-time programmers of all ages the tools to turn their video game ideas into reality. A step-by-step guide to the free, open-source HTML5 and JavaScript engine enchant.js, it is ideally suited for game fans who have always wanted to make their own game but didna€™t know how. It begins with the foundations of game programming and goes on to introduce advanced topics like 3D. We live in an age where smartphones and tablets have made games more ubiquitous than ever. Based around HTML5, enchant.js is ideally suited for aspiring game programmers who have always been intimidated by code. Games written using enchant.js take only a few hours to write, and can be played in a browser, iOS, and Android devices, removing the stress of programming to focus on the fun. Discover the joy of game development with enchant.js. Provides a comprehensive, easy guide to game programming through enchant.js Gives aspiring game developers a tool to realize their ideas Introduces readers to the basics of HTML5 and JavaScript programming What youa€™ll learn Master the basics of HTML5 and JavaScript programming Create a game that can be played on a desktop, iOS, or Android Upload your game to, where you can share it easily Program your own 3D games Grasp the essential concepts of making a compelling and popular game Who this book is for HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js is for aspiring game developers of all ages who have wanted to make their own games but didna€™t know how. Ita€™s for programmers interested in learning the potential of HTML5 through designing games. Table of Contents Beginning enchant.js Development JavaScript Basics Basic Features of enchant.js Advanced Features of enchant.js Game Design Creating an Arcade Shooter Creating a Stand-Alone 3-D Game Class AppendixFirst, we tell the frame to wait for one frame before continuing to increase by one in the rare case that a Droid is created ... //If Droid is whacked before appearing out of hole, reset combo combo = 1; If no Droid is hit by a player in the course of a anbsp;...

Title:HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js
Author:Ryo Shimizu, Hidekazu Furukawa, Ryohei Fushimi, Ryo Tanaka, Kevin Kratzer, Brandon McInnis
Publisher:Apress - 2013-05-30


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