Hungry Start-up Strategy

Hungry Start-up Strategy

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Entrepreneurs are hungry. But ita€™s not just because theya€™re living on ramen and adrenaline while they pour their all into their business. Peter Cohan has found ita€™s something deeper: a hunger to create the kind of world they want to work in. To leave a legacy, they build carefully with limited resources and maintain control of the venturea€™s direction. For years, students have told Cohan that the seminal business strategy guide, Michael Portera€™s Competitive Strategy, was too big-company focused. So Cohana€”who once worked with Portera€”has written the first business strategy book to address start-upsa€™ very different challenges. Cohan focuses on six key start-up choicesa€”setting goals, picking markets, raising capital, building teams, gaining market share, and adapting to changea€”explaining the unique rules start-ups must follow. For example, when setting goals, large corporations try to maximize their long-term return on equity, but resource-poor start-ups have to plan by setting a series of short-term goalsa€”and how they do this will mean the difference between blazing a trail or flaming out. When entering a new market, well-fed companies can invest substantial time and capital before ever launching a product, but hungry start-ups must get an adequate prototype in front of customers fast, get feedback, and quickly develop a viable business model or theya€™ll starve to death. For each of these six areas, Cohan provides a decision-making approach and lively case studies of what actual entrepreneurs have done. He extracts hard-hitting lessons not only for start-ups but also for investors and even established companies. Hungry Start-up Strategy offers a full menu of vital information for anyone seeking to cook up a thriving business from scratch.... a€œWhiteGlove Health Delivers White Glove to You, a€ Forbes Startup Economy, June 7, 2011, delivers-health-care-to-you/ Peter Cohan, a€œBlurb Lets You Publish Your Own Photo Book, a€anbsp;...

Title:Hungry Start-up Strategy
Author:Peter S. Cohan
Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers - 2012-11-05


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