Hybrid Ship Hulls

Hybrid Ship Hulls

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Hybrid Ship Hulls provides an overview of cutting-edge developments in hybrid composite-metal marine ship hulls, covering the critical differences in material processing and structural behavior that must be taken into account to maximise benefits and performance. Supporting the design of effective hybrid hulls through proper consideration of the benefits and challenges inherent to heterogenic structures, the book covers specific details of quality control, manufacturing, mechanical and thermal stress, and other behavioral aspects that need to be treated differently when engineering hybrid ship hulls. With a particular focus on heavy-duty naval applications, the book includes guidance on the selection of composite part configurations, innovative design solutions, novel hybrid joining techniques, and serviceability characterization. Addresses the engineering requirements specific to hybrid structure engineering that are essential for optimization of hybrid hull design and maximization of material benefits. Covers methodology, techniques and data currently unavailable from other sources, providing the essential base knowledge to support robust design, reliable manufacturing, and proper serviceability evaluation. Includes MATLAB codes, enabling engineers to easily apply the methods covered to their own engineering design challenges.Stress-durability diagram, 140 Stresses, 54a€“55 Structural engineering, 133 Surfi- Sculpt process EB, 177 laser-based, 178 ... Vacuum-assisted infusion material processing (VIP), 11a€“12 Virginia class, 42 Visby class corvette, 16a€“17 Volkersen anbsp;...

Title:Hybrid Ship Hulls
Author:Vladimir M. Shkolnikov
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2014-07-18


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