Hyde's Corner - Book II - In The Name of Vengeance

Hyde's Corner - Book II - In The Name of Vengeance

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Selmer Burks mourns the loss of his only child and plots murder on the ride home from Oklahoma City. A roadside turnout proves his redemption and he is saved from disaster by the piecing cry of his newborn bastard grandson. He goes on to raise the child, whom he learns to love and protect with fierce loyalty. Sheriff Burks continues to rule his domain with a hard, gnarled fist. As Thomas Burks grows, he returns his grandpa's love and loyalty until he hears the truth surrounding his birth. He later forgives his grandpa for withholding this information and their pact is renewed, stronger than before. Thomas is becoming a man and has developed a crush on Sara Tassel, who has worked at the township's brothel since age eighteen. After killing a railroad hobo, Burks retreats to the brothel to get drunk, but Sara has other plans. She has a scheme in mind and is driven to see it through because she is in love with Selmer Burks. The rule of the Sheriff of Sundowner County begins to unravel as his illicit affair with his best friend's daughter increases in intensity. After killing Junior Porter in self-defense, Burks comes clean with Tom, and though hurt, the boy remains loyal to his grandpa until the bloody end.In an unprecedented flurry of activity the Stock Exchange is trying to stem the flood of sales. Share values have ... Five days later, October 29, 1929 the stock market collapsed. ... The Christmas holiday of 1929 found Tommy Burks thirteen.

Title:Hyde's Corner - Book II - In The Name of Vengeance
Author:J B Bergstad
Publisher:Woodside Publishing Group - 2013-08-01


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