Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

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Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics is a collection of papers from the Proceedings of the First Australian Conference held at the University of Western Australia on December 6-13, 1962 at Nedlands, Australia. This book deals with the science of hydraulics and fluid mechanics in their practical uses in industry and research. In special situations when high-pressure oil is used in mechanical equipment, hydraulic lock is preferred for valve control. This book reviews the pressure drop in the pneumatic transfer of granular solids in a pipe where a formula is derived to determine the pressure drop when using either a straight or bent pipe. This text also discusses the improvements on the cavitation performance of flow pumps by using prerotation at design points. The construction of a dam in Tasmania provides another study on the behavior of rock-fill slopes subjected to seepage. Here, the book analyzes the hydraulic forces acting on the rock particles, and explains theories on the derivation of the dynamic equation for spatially varied flow with increasing discharge on a steep slope. The book also examines the concept of critical depth in spatially varied flow with increasing discharge on a steep slope. This book investigates the use of a computer model designed to determine the methods of draining flooded farmlands either through hydraulically or electrically operated drainage systems. This text also evaluates the cost of constructing a project. This collection is suitable for people in the field of applied mathematics, physics, and engineering.Proceedings of the First Australasian Conference Held at the University of Western Australia, 6th to 13th December 1962 Richard Silvester ... from a petrol engine-driven alternator and the speed and thus frequency of the alternator could be varied so that the compressor could be run at any point within a speed range ... A schematic diagram of the experimental wave interference attenuator is shown in Fig.

Title:Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
Author:Richard Silvester
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-16


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