Hypermedia Systems and Applications

Hypermedia Systems and Applications

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It is a pleasure and an honor to write a foreword for Jennifer Lennon's book Hypermedia Systems and Applications: World Wide Web and Beyond. I am fortunate to have been able to follow the development of this book from an excellent Ph.D. thesis to what I would consider one of the best and most comprehensive books in the area. It has a good chance to become a must for teachers, researchers, and practitioners. For the sake ofthis foreword let us combine the phenomena hypermedia, the Internet, and the WWW by just calling them the Web. Well, this Web surely has become one of the qsuper hot topicsq, from both a scholarly and a commercial point ofview! We have a saying that the Web is like a dog: one year's development of the Web corresponds to seven human years. You will be familiar with Murphy's law: qAnything that can go wrong will go wrongq, and with a plethora of derivatives or specializations thereof like: qIf you are in an otherwise empty locker room, the only other person there is bound to have a locker just on top ofyoursq; or: qIf traffic is moving slowly, you are always going to be in the slowest moving laneq, and so on. Well, I have coined a version that applies to the Web: qWhenever you have understood an important new development concerning the Web you can be sure that it is obsoleteq.CorelDraw Users Manual. Corel Corporation, Canada. [Cushman et al., 1990 Cushman, W., Ojha, P., and Daniels, C. Usable OCR: What are ... Computer, 10: 74-84. [DiPaolo, 1993. DiPaolo, A. Educational aspects of the telecommunicationsanbsp;...

Title:Hypermedia Systems and Applications
Author:Jennifer A. Lennon
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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