I Am a Dominant

I Am a Dominant

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Take a rare peek into the mind of a Dominant a€œI spank for pleasure, and I spank for punishment. The choice is yours.a€ James Collier James Collier is a London based Dominant, and in this rare, unapologetic expose he shares, as he puts it, a€œsome of the more romantic, debauched, and whimsical of my dances.a€ With help from Maggie Carpenter, he has dramatized his stories and put them together for this unique novel. James opens up his life and shares his feelings, his perspective, and even a sampling from his a€œDirectives And Things To Remember, a€ a list given the women who choose to surrender to his skilled, sensuous hands. A man who loves Keats as much as The Rolling Stones, James is a disciplinarian and is quick to punish, as his tale of a public spanking makes abundantly clear, but he is also as romantic as he is strict, and he shares stories that will touch your heart. Journey with James as he spanks with gusto, makes love with passion, and gives us a glimpse into the life of an old-fashioned but modern day romantic Dominant.Every submissive with whom I have had the joy of sharing my time has taught me something, and each has been unique. Just because Ia#39;m a ... I called a car service. Yes, an ... The sedan pulled up and I hurried into the back seat. It wasna#39;t aanbsp;...

Title:I Am a Dominant
Author:James Collier & Maggie Carpenter
Publisher:Dark Secrets Press - 2014-11-15


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