I Am a Good Boy

I Am a Good Boy

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''I AM A GOOD BOY'', a conversation for young boys, about what is right and what is wrong, and what Society expects of them. Young boys must be made to understand that be cause ''Everybody is doing it, '' as young people are heard to say in their attempt to justify certain actions their parents disapprove of, for example, smoking, does not necessarily make ''it, '' whatever ''it'' is, the right thing to do. Young boys must be taught there are consequences, some severe, for their actions. These consequences can have a tremendous impact on the entire family, and their futures as young men. Too many young boys have jeopardized their future by their challenge and disrespect of THE LAWS OF SOCIETY. As a result, Law Enforcement and the Judicial System become involved. Their parents' financial obligations are now increased by the cost of bail, fines, restitution, and Attorney's fees. The entire family must now face the serious consequences of the son's actions Young boys, must be taught to respect all females in our Society. They must be told constantly that SCHOOL IS PREPARING them to take their place in Society.He can also earn $60-$80 to repair a boiler that heats a home. An auto body paint job can pay as much as $600-$1, 000 a week, or more. An engine that needs repair, especially if it must be removed from the car to effect repairs, can pay $800anbsp;...

Title:I Am a Good Boy
Author:Reuben Freeman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-03


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