I Am a I

I Am a I

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I AM A I, Unfolding the Flower As long as you 'walk this planet', you are going to be working with or applying the laws/truths of a physical science textbook. You will work with or apply gravity and the laws of motion in order to walk. You will work with or apply the laws/truths of thermodynamics to keep warm. You will work with or apply the laws of harmonics to speak. And...you may be totally unaware that you are applying these laws/truths as you move through physical form even though they have the potential of being everywhere and are qwithin you and without youq . Sound familiar? What can be said for physical laws applies to the spiritual laws/truths of Heaven as well. I AM A I, Unfolding the Flower provides you with a comprehensive model that synthesizes the physical sciences with the metaphysical sciences while incorporating the core concepts of most world religions. In addition, it provides you a set of very basic relatively generic tools, that when applied, can enhance your life experience, spiritual and non-spiritual. Some of the tools presented in this book are: A˜ Truth perception and recognition exercises A˜ A multitude of meditation forms are presented to you A˜ Mechanics of your mind and exercises on how to use them A˜ the mechanics of visualization exercises and exercises that extend your 'mind's eye' through time and space A˜ Some elementary ESP exercises A˜ Numerous exercise modalities for you to use music as a mental tool It is the operator's intention that determines the use of a tool. Just as it is the applications of the laws/truths inside a physical science book, that produces physical effects in your life. It is the applications of the laws/truths inside I AM A I that will produce spiritual or mystical effects in your life. And...a principle stated in this book -- the 'higher' determines the 'lower' a€“ maintains that the spiritual or mystical results can have physical side effects.After the author got out of college, He started working in analog electronic repair places: TV and stereo repair, p. a. systems, alarms, etc. The first three jobs (the very first chore) the author got in those electronics repair stores would be; theyanbsp;...

Title:I Am a I
Author:Steven Joshua
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-04


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