I, Avatar

I, Avatar

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What is an avatar? Why are there nearly a billion of them, and who is using them? Do avatars impact our real lives, or are they just video game conceits? Is an avatar an inspired rendering of its creatora€™s inner self, or is it just one among millions of anonymous vehicles clogging the online freeways? Can we use our avatars to really connect with people, or do they just isolate us? And as we become more like our avatars do they become more like us? In I, Avata r, Mark Stephen Meadows answers some of these questions, but more importantly, he raises hundreds of others in his exploration of avatars and the fascinating possibilities they hold. His examination of avatars through the lenses of sociology, psychology, politics, history, and art, he will change the way you look at even a simple online profile and revolutionize the idea of avatars as part of our lives, whether first or second.... system only allowed six characters, so I typed in what I did and, having set a sign on my shiny new virtual forehead, I set out to explore. ... These chatrooms had names like Anonymous and Gay or Auto Shop so that you would be able to click in and meet ... For a day or two it seemed that the population was mostly computer repair technicians with hobbies. ... We burned time in a flagrant fashion, typing hamheaded jokes to one another and pushing the boundaries of porcine humor.

Title:I, Avatar
Author:Mark Stephen Meadows
Publisher:New Riders - 2007-12-27


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