I Hate Filing

I Hate Filing

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Does your inbox over-flow'eth? Let's face ita€”most of us dona€™t like filing, and we really don't like rethinking our organizational methods (or lack there of). Most of us are stuck in a rut, be it a constantly messy desk, a workspace that always feels too cramped and cluttered or a persistent queasiness when faced with organizing an event at work, running an efficient home office or even sorting the mail, let alone our dresser drawers. Filing, it seems, is a metaphor for all the little things we dona€™t want to bother with. Finallya€”there's someone we can count on! Sharon Mann is a fun-loving but practical figure for those swamped by work and life. Known for her informative wisdom and sassy sense of humor, her I Hate Filing Club has thousands of members who look to her to take organization past the drab, boring details, giving this so-called chore some sparkle and pizzazz.Using the wrong computer mouse can be painful. Herea#39;s how to pick the right one . Office professionals typically spend hour after hour, every single day, at a computer, constantly typing and also clicking away at a mouse. Problem is, most of usanbsp;...

Title:I Hate Filing
Author:Sharon Mann
Publisher:Health Communications, Inc. - 2006-05-25


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