Ice Boys In Bell Bottoms

Ice Boys In Bell Bottoms

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Life is unpredictable enough for Gopi, with a maverick poeta€“grandfather and an elusive artista€“father. Add to thispesky siblings, feckless film folk, eccentric friends, an incontinent dog, a neighbour who has his privates shaved in public, and all of it in a brand-new city, Madras, and you have Ice Boys in Bell-bottoms.Bent on making his mothera€™s dire predictions come true, Gopi becomes a Hollywood-obsessed, pulp-fiction-reading know-all, willing to twist the truth for a movie ticket, and gamble it all away for a good time. While the country experiences the Emergency, Gopi has a series of his own: first love, first hangover, and extra cloth for bell-bottoms. Everything comes to a head on the day of the big party, when his life changes forever.Gloriously funny and surprisingly poignant, this coming-of-age novel, the first of a trilogy, is Indiaa€™s answer to The 400 Blows and Cinema Paradiso. A book for anyone whoa€™s ever been a boy a€“ or loved one.Inspection revealed it to be a dried-up coconut frond atop which was the final member of our school staff a€” our Hindi teacher, whooping wildly and twirling an imaginary ... The more daring ones poked and pulled at the hair of their unconscious teachers and scurried back to their seats giggling. ... Also, in what was becoming the norm with our class outings, no one asked us to write an essay on the trip.

Title:Ice Boys In Bell Bottoms
Author:Krishna Shastri Devulapalli
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers - 2012-11-16


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