Idaho Powwow and Other Tales from the Slipstream

Idaho Powwow and Other Tales from the Slipstream

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Five tales from the slipstream: (1) IDAHO POWWOW: Four men have each been through tough life situations. Once every quarter they drop what they're doing and meet up in their own support group. Two of these guys have a surreal camping adventure. (2) CONEHEAD: In 2046 a male and a female astronaut performing experiments aboard the second International Space Station discover that they just can't get along so each conspires to destroy the other. (3) MOMEWRATHS: A creative inventor comes up with a hair-brained wind turbine invention and fate deals him a horrific blow. (4) THE LADY OR THE HORMACANTH? Set on a distant exoplanet that humans have colonized, Camden has given up on women in his colony; he nevertheless finds love where he least expects it. (5) RETURN FROM EARTH: An alien cybernetic super being returns to his home world after having visited the Earth and he must choose whether to lie about his experiences and become a hero, or else tell the truth and be condemned.The fairing tapers into an aerodynamic windshield. Mine is painted a solid cobalt blue, Jallaa#39;s is the pearl. a€œGood yaz! This machine is an aerobike a€“ a flying motorcycle! Thata#39;s what the ownera#39;s manual splash page says anyway. Ia#39;m scanninganbsp;...

Title:Idaho Powwow and Other Tales from the Slipstream
Author:Axel Martinsen
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-09-15


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