Idiot's Guides: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

Idiot's Guides: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

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When not used on a daily basis, basic math concepts are difficult to recall and use. When people plan to return to school, they must take entrance and placement exams with a significant math portion. Idiot's Guides: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra helps readers get back up to speed and relearn the primary concepts of mathematics, geometry, and pre-algebra so that they can pass entrance exams, such as the GED, ASVAB, and Praxis, as well as remedial math courses. Ideal for both students and parents, Idiot's Guides: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra will include a workbook component with practice problems to help reinforce the math concepts. In this book, readers get: - An introduction to positive and negative numbers and place values - A solid review of the four basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - Step-by-step guidance on how to understand and solve word problems - An explanation of the concepts of factors and multiples - Help in working with fractions, decimals, and percents - The basics of geometry - Weights, measures, and other practical applications of mathematics - How to create and interpret mathematical graphs - A grounding in statistics and probability - An introduction to algebraic concepts and problems, including expressions and equations203 Part 3: The Shape of the World Area and Circumference When you explored polygons, whether triangles, quadrilaterals, or polygons with more sides, you always wanted ... To find its radius, use the circumference formula C = and = 401: .

Title:Idiot's Guides: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra
Author:Carolyn Wheater
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-08-05


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