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Jessie is a young girl who enjoys the traditional southern life of a small town where faith, personal freedoms, and independence are a way of life. When she reaches the ripe old age of seventeen, the United States of America is torn and its citizens living within a total maelstrom. She and her family experience an invasion and a new world that Jessie can hardly believe to be real. Why had no one seen this coming? Survival without the freedoms they once knew as inalienable is the dilemma and taking America Back is their goal.And if they were traveling far, the weight of it all would be an encumbrance. so he refined the list and then gathered the ... Adam awoke early, about 5:30, from a sound sleep. ... All he could hear was snoring and whiffing. they had decided to open the bedroom doors just before going to sleep to keep air moving about the railcar. odd, he had never thought ... to form a taylorsville militia. concerned about food for the family, he grabbed an apple and munched down. it was juicy and good.

Author:Karen Alexander
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-13


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