Illustrated Manual of Regional Anesthesia

Illustrated Manual of Regional Anesthesia

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Professor Philip Bromage From the earliest stirrings of modern surgical anesthesia, novice surgeons struggling to learn from the living what there was a strong intuitive feeling that anesthesia of part they were denied an opportunity to learn from the dead_ of the body would be better for the patient than complete But that is largely nostalgia for a past era_ Today, the visual anesthesia of the whole organism. In 1848, James Young arts and the plastics industry have united to give us superb Simpson spent some time and effort seeking this elusive teaching models and techniques that did not exist a few goal, but after a few ingenious though unsuccessful experi decades ago, and they have developed two- and three ments, he gave up the search and turned back to general dimensional surrogate cadavers that are imbued with a anesthesia as the only practical solution to surgical pain more vivid artistry than ever existed on the marble slabs relief at that time_ amid the formalin reek of our old dissecting rooms_ earl Koller's simple but brilliant application of cocaine to This book is a fresh and highly successful attempt to repair some of the bridges that were burnt with the passing of the the eye in 1884 opened the door to a whole new universe of neural anatomy and pharmacology_ Within a decade or old anatomy days_ Together, the authors have contributedSuggestions. for. Further. Reading. Ahnefeld FW, Bergmann H, BurriC, Dick W, HalmAigyi M, HossliG, RA¼gheimer E (1978) LokalanAcsthesie. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York Astra ChemicalsGmbH (ed)(1985) RegionalanAcsthesie:anbsp;...

Title:Illustrated Manual of Regional Anesthesia
Author:P. Prithri Raj, Hans Nolte, Michael Stanton-Hicks
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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