I’m Dating. It’s a Comedy.

I’m Dating. It’s a Comedy.

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After a year of entertaining friends, neighbors and salon staff with a€œyou cana€™t make this stuff upa€ dating stories, Susan Torbitt shares a good-humored and light-hearted account of what many people think about dating a€“ you have to meet a lot of frogs before you come across a prince. Casting her rod out into the online dating pool, she catches a number of characters in Ia€™m Dating. Ita€™s a Comedy. Character names such as Bobby the Redneck, That 70s Guy, Spider Monkey and The Cougar Hunter give you a glimpse of what follows. Kicking off with The Top 10 List of What Never to Say on a Date, this list provides insight into some of her more memorable dates. Funny stories sometimes intermixed with song lyrics, a call to action to pay attention to your intuition when it comes to safety a€“ ita€™s all relatable on some level. Relevant for daters of all ages, whether online or in-person, we all have a story or four to share. Youa€™re invited to share your stories with Susan Torbitt to include in her Ia€™m Dating/Your Dating series.My only explanation for what follows is that perhaps my imagination was a bit too fixated on the Fifty Shades of Gray book series. I blame my book club and my curious nature that could kill off a herd of cats. Cool your jets, PETA people.

Title:I’m Dating. It’s a Comedy.
Author:Susan Torbitt
Publisher:VOOK - 2013-09-13


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