Imaginal Politics

Imaginal Politics

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Between the radical, creative capacity of our imagination and the social imaginary we are immersed in is an intermediate space philosophers have termed the imaginal, populated by images or (re)presentations that are presences in themselves. Offering a new, systematic understanding of the imaginal and its nexus with the political, Chiara Bottici brings fresh insight into the formation of political and power relationships and the paradox of a world rich in imagery yet seemingly devoid of imagination. Bottici begins by defining the difference between the imaginal and the imaginary, locating the imaginalA•s root meaning in the image and its ability to both characterize a public and establish a set of activities within that public. She identifies the imaginalA•s critical role in powering representative democracies and its amplification through globalization. She then addresses the troublesome increase in images now mediating politics and the transformation of politics into empty spectacle. The spectacularization of politics has led to its virtualization, Bottici observes, transforming images into processes with an uncertain relationship to reality, and, while new media has democratized the image in a global society of the spectacle, the cloned image no longer mediates politics but does the act for us. Bottici concludes with politicsA• current search for legitimacy through an invented ideal of tradition, a turn to religion, and the incorporation of human rights language.Wo aber Gefahrist, wAcchst: Das Rettende auch J. C. F. HA–LDERLIN, Patmos We are all on the same boat, and the boat is sinking ... If HAplderlin is right in the passage quoted above, that where there is a danger the rescue grows as well, a question emerges: what are the ... an epoch of the alleged clash of civilizations and economic crisis, it is hard to still believe in false prophecies about the end of history.

Title:Imaginal Politics
Author:Chiara Bottici
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2014-05-06


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