Implementing Value Pricing

Implementing Value Pricing

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Praise for Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms qRon Baker is the most prolific and best writer when it comes to pricing services. This is a must-read for executives and partners in small to large firms. Ron provides the basics, the advanced ideas, the workbooks, the case studiesa€”everything. This is a must-have and a terrific book.q a€”Reed K. Holden, founder and CEO, Holden Advisors, Corp., Associate Professor, Columbia University qWe've known through Ron Baker's earlier books that he's not just an extraordinary thinker and truly brilliant writera€”he's a mover and a shaker on a mission. This is the End of Time! Brilliant.q a€”Paul Dunn, Chairman, B1G1 qImplementing Value Pricing is a powerful blend of theory, strategy, and tactics. Ron Baker's most recent offering is ambitious in scope, exploring topics that include economic theory, customer orientation, value identification, service positioning, and pricing strategy. He weaves all of them together seamlessly, and includes numerous examples to illustrate his primary points. I have applied the knowledge I've gained from his body of work, and the benefits to mea€”and to my customersa€”have been immediate, significant, and ongoing.q a€”Brent Uren, Principal, Valuation a Business Modeling, Ernst a Young qRon Baker is a revolutionary. He is on a radical crusade to align the interests of service providers with those of their customers by having lawyers, accountants, and consultants charge based on the value they provide, rather than the effort it takes. Implementing Value Pricing is a manifesto that establishes a clear case for the revolution. It provides detailed guidance that includes not only strategies and tactics, but key predictive indicators for success. It is richly illustrated by the successes of firms that have embraced value-based pricing to make their services not only more cost-effective for their customers, but more profitable as well. The hallmark of a manifesto is an unyielding sense of purpose and a call to action. Let the revolution begin.q a€”Robert G. Cross, Chairman and CEO, Revenue Analytics, Inc. Author, Revenue Management: Hard-Core Tactics for Market Domination www.revenueanalytics.comIn any market, there is a certain segment of buyers who are relatively price insensitive because they value the offering so highly. ... flagship iMac computer, while costing a fraction of the iMac to manufacture (proving, once again, value drives price, not costs). ... It is the trade-off of higher revenue versus higher margins and can be a very effective strategy especially for new entrants into particular markets.

Title:Implementing Value Pricing
Author:Ronald J. Baker
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-11-29


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