In Orbit

In Orbit

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qIn the space of one day, Jubal E. Gainer, high school dropout and draft dodger, manages to rack up an impressive array of crimes. . . . He steals a friend's motorcycle, rapes a simple-minded spinster, mugs a pixyish professor, and stabs an obese visionary who runs a surplus store. He then waits out an Indiana twister and goes his way, leaving as much wreckage in his path as the twister itself.q--Library Journal. qIn Orbit is a short novel, full of action, and the seriousness can mostly be found between the lines. [There] one can see against what Jubal Gainer's rebellion, thoughtless and aimless as it seems, is directed. One might say that he is, like millions of his contemporaries, a Huck Finn without a Mississippi.q-- Granville Hicks, Saturday Review. qHere is another of Wright Morris's craftsmanly novels--terse, colloquial, restrained, fragmented, deliberately shadowy. Above all, small; not slight, not inconsequential, but a miniature. . . . All readers will surely appreciate the quality of the prose style one has come to expect in a Wright Morris novel. . . . There is also a muscular quality to Mr. Morris's writing that makes it a suitable instrument for conveying harsher things; and there is his sense of the comic, which springs up constantly. In all, this is a quiet but rich performance.q--New York Times Book Review. One of the most distinguished American authors, Wright Morris (1910-1988) wrote thirty-three books including The Field of Vision, which won the National Book Award.Hardly what she would call a face. As for the overall impression of the boy on the bike, it is that of two cats, piggyback: hard at it. ... A small man, he sits so low in the seat the car appears to be running by itself. Many get that impression. Often it anbsp;...

Title:In Orbit
Author:Wright Morris
Publisher:U of Nebraska Press - 1976


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