In the Path of Allah

In the Path of Allah

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A West African Sufi and religious reformer (c.1794-1864), struggled to reconcile the temporal achievements of his jihad with his mystical calling. The fame of Shaykh Omar rested on his reputation as a worker of miracles, and the success of jihad in his path to Allah.Rather he makes use of a€œFulbea€ as a generic for the jihad leadership throughout the Western Sudan. ... say our a€œourourbea#39;a€ [UrurbAc], our a€œferobbAca€ [FerrobAc], our a€œ leatherworkers, a€ a€œreligious guides, a€ etc.; While the a€œclientsa€ say our a€œsea#39;diabea#39;a€, our a€œFulbe, a€ a€œmaster, a€ etc. ... Machat (ibid) employs a€œbalibAc, a€ and E. Noirot (Travers le Fouta-Diallon et le Bambouc, p.212), a variation: a€œbalAcbea#39;, a€ which he says has the anbsp;...

Title:In the Path of Allah
Author:John Ralph Willis
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-04-03


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