In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation

In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation

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Largely overshadowed by World War IIa€™s a€œgreatest generationa€ and the more vocal veterans of the Vietnam era, Korean War veterans remain relatively invisible in the narratives of both war and its aftermath. Yet, just as the beaches of Normandy and the jungles of Vietnam worked profound changes on conflict participants, the Korean Peninsula chipped away at the beliefs, physical and mental well-being, and fortitude of Americans completing wartime tours of duty there. Upon returning home, Korean War veterans struggled with home front attitudes toward the war, faced employment and family dilemmas, and wrestled with readjustment. Not unlike other wars, Korea proved a formative and defining influence on the men and women stationed in theater, on their loved ones, and in some measure on American culture. In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation not only gives voice to those Americans who served in the a€œforgotten wara€ but chronicles the larger personal and collective consequences of waging war the American way.Glen Schroeder, Memoir (KWE), 3. One veteran recalls that not all men completed Navy boot camp in their original companies. ... Berube, Coming Out under Fire, 263, and Meyer, a€œCreating GI Jane, a€ 592-93. Loretta a€œReta€ Coller in Humphrey, anbsp;...

Title:In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation
Author:Melinda L. Pash
Publisher:NYU Press - 2014-05-22


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