In This Together

In This Together

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Desperate times call for desperate measuresa€b And Travis Riggs is way past desperate. With time running out to overturn his brother's wrongful murder conviction and stop his niece's adoption, Project Justice is Travis's last hope. But when his request for an interview is denied, he resorts to drastic measuresa€”kidnapping the founder's personal assistant, Elena Marquez. Travis hadn't planned for any of this to happen, least of all the chemistry between him and Elena. Under different circumstances, they may have had a chance at a relationship. However, the last thing he wants is to drag her down with him, which is exactly what will happen if he accepts her help. Not that Elena is giving him much of a choicea€b.The walls had required a gallon of paint to get rid of stains left by permanent markers. ... But as she shook off the pain in her own handa€”it had probably hurt her more than it had hurt hima€”her face instantly transformed ... a€œLook at your face !

Title:In This Together
Author:Kara Lennox
Publisher:Harlequin - 2013-10-01


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