Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, 6th ed

Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, 6th ed

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These days, everyone seems to have a home page or a Web site. However, just because you create and publish a Web site doesn't mean anyone will visit it. Competition to attract visitors is extreme. The reality is that of the millions of Web pages out there, only a handful actually attract a steady readership; and these same Web pages are the ones that attract advertisers. In order to compete, you need to develop and implement a Web site promotion plan. How can you know if people are visiting your Web site, and if they aren't, what can you do about it? What can you do to earn money on your Web site? Is there an easy way to attract readers and advertisers without spending a fortune? Yes is the answer to all of these questions, and INCREASE YOUR WEB TRAFFIC IN A WEEKEND, SIXTH EDITION maps out a cost effective, comprehensive plan that both Web beginners and experts can use to build an audience for a home page or Web site. This book has compiled low-cost Web promotion and advertising techniques collected from the authors' years of practical experience, but you can implement them all in just one weekend!Jerry Lee Ford, Jr. ... 43 engines, popular search, 23a€“25, 137a€“139 error analysis, 265a€“271 EscapeArtist, creating listings at, 103a€“105 Estates Today , 108a€“109 ... 218 frame-enhanced pages, 41a€“43 frames, troubleshooting, 42a€“43 frameset pages, 43 free T-shirts, 199 URL analyzers, 285a€“287 free advertising, anbsp;...

Title:Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, 6th ed
Author:Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2010-02-07


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