Incredible Human Body (eBook)

Incredible Human Body (eBook)

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The information and activities in this resource book enhance the child's knowledge and awareness of the many parts of the body responsible for human growth, health, and life-sustaining activities. The book is organized into three parts: the outside of the body, the inside of the body, and caring for the body. Children will learn about the functions of major organs and systems of the body. They will explore ways in which the sense organs help them learn about their surroundings. They will become aware of how the body protects itself and how it expresses emotion through gestures, tears, and laughter. And they will learn about how they can maintain and protect their body through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, hygiene, and safety. Four transparencies (print books) or PowerPoint slides (eBooks) are included to engage students in discussion and reinforce the concepts presented in the book.The Inside of the Body: Bones aamp; Muscles The human skeleton system consists of 206 bones that form a framework for the body, give it shape, and are the point of attachment for muscles. Bones ... Try to secure some X-ray pictures of broken bones from a clinic or hospital; display in a window. ... Are all joints the same?

Title:Incredible Human Body (eBook)
Author:Ilene L. Follman
Publisher:Lorenz Educational Press - 1995-09-01


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