India, Impermanence & Me

India, Impermanence & Me

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What began as an innocent trek through the almighty Himalayas ended in a journey homeward bound. A series of bizarre events turns a life less travelled into an encounter that would change a path forever. Life would never be the same again. Believing myself civilized I soon discover that my interpretation of the word got lost in translation and soon began to realise that when you have little in life you begin to cherish each simple moment. Magical moments that are forever present yet blinded by the heavy weight of attachment. Living in a remote monastery whilst working within the local community leaves me in awe of peoples love, generosity and compassion finally answering life's fundamental question, that of happiness. Could it be that I have laid the foundations of my life on water? Travelling from the top of mystical India to the lushness of a Goan oasis an internal struggle of Eastern philosophies over Western attachment commences. A humorous tale of the up's and downs of a single woman's journey to paranoid city and literally barricaded myself into my bedroom at night or if having been out would check all the ... Yet here I stayed all alone in an enormous building that had its front door left wide open all day and never felt a twinge of uneasiness. ... the summer months, I would take my sounds and climb up onto the roof where I would lay and gaze at the night sky ... A small cheer went out as we passed the Kindergarten as if to say a€œla€”Iooray, no school todayla€ Even here children areanbsp;...

Title:India, Impermanence & Me
Author:Sue Tweedy
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-07


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