Infinite Ascent

Infinite Ascent

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In Infinite Ascent, David Berlinski, the acclaimed author of The Advent of the Algorithm, A Tour of the Calculus, and Newtona€™s Gift, tells the story of mathematics, bringing to life with wit, elegance, and deep insight a 2, 500-year-long intellectual adventure. Berlinski focuses on the ten most important breakthroughs in mathematical historya€“and the men behind them. Here are Pythagoras, intoxicated by the mystical significance of numbers; Euclid, who gave the world the very idea of a proof; Leibniz and Newton, co-discoverers of the calculus; Cantor, master of the infinite; and GApdel, who in one magnificent proof placed everything in doubt. The elaboration of mathematical knowledge has meant nothing less than the unfolding of human consciousness itself. With his unmatched ability to make abstract ideas concrete and approachable, Berlinski both tells an engrossing tale and introduces us to the full power of what surely ranks as one of the greatest of all human endeavors. From the Hardcover edition.The third tome or treatisea€”a disquisition on 1nethoda€”answers to a large and general question: How in mathematics do mathematicians achieve certainty? ... created the discipline of formal logic at roughly the same historical moment that Euclid created his own system of geometry. ... Not until the twentieth century would mathematics and logic, having for so long exchanged their moist breath, fuseanbsp;...

Title:Infinite Ascent
Author:David Berlinski
Publisher:Modern Library - 2011-08-17


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