Inside Ashworth

Inside Ashworth

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What's life really like in the closed world of a high security prison?High security institutions for mentally ill offenders are far more complex than regular mental health hospitals or prisons. By their very nature they demand special scrutiny in regards to medical research, ethical considerations, therapeutic concerns, quality of care issues, and political and moral deliberations. Ashworth Hospital is no exception. In this controversial book, questions are raised as to why Ashworth resisted the call for change and survived the de-institutionalisation of the 1980s, the enquiries, and threats of closure. First hand, independent accounts from a diverse range of contributors shed new light on what appears to be a gloomy, secretive and sinister system. Inside Ashworth is enlightening reading for health and social care professionals, particularly those working in the mental health sector. Prison service professionals, policy makers and shapers and patient and prisoner rights groups will also find the insights invaluable.With regard to womena#39;s services within the hospital, there was no female patient or staff perspective at the induction. ... They were old, had limited furniture, and had bare walls, barred doors in many areas, and a goldfish bowl office space.

Title:Inside Ashworth
Author:David Pilgrim
Publisher:Radcliffe Publishing - 2007


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