Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out

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The heightened speech of poetry elevates what one has to say, to a place more lovely than what may be commonly perceived. This collected mixture of poetry and prose, adds the spice to what may be seen as ordinary, to what is viewed as extra-ordinary in naturea€™s ever-shifting world on this, our fragile, global-warming, highly-endangered Kingdom of: plants, animals, birds of air and fi sh in the sea, overseered by us human stewards of all the creation we inhabit.I did manage to resolve some financial and other pending matters, aimed at a solution to reduce out-of-control credit card spending, with attempts at payback, by switching to lower-offered APR rates. Ia#39;m not so sure that: a€œborrowing from Peteranbsp;...

Title:Inside Looking Out
Author:Alfred Colo
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-10-06


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