Inside "Paradise Lost"

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Inside qParadise Lostq opens up new readings and ways of reading Miltona€™s epic poem by mapping out the intricacies of its narrative and symbolic designs and by revealing and exploring the deeply allusive texture of its verse. David Quinta€™s comprehensive study demonstrates how systematic patterns of allusion and keywords give structure and coherence both to individual books of Paradise Lost and to the overarching relationship among its books and episodes. Looking at poems within the poem, Quint provides new interpretations as he takes readers through the major subjects of Paradise Losta€”its relationship to epic tradition and the Bible, its cosmology and politics, and its dramas of human choice. Quint shows how Milton radically revises the epic tradition and the Genesis story itself by arguing that it is better to create than destroy, by telling the reader to make love, not war, and by appearing to ratify Adama€™s decision to fall and die with his wife. The Milton of this Paradise Lost is a Christian humanist who believes in the power and freedom of human moral agency. As this indispensable guide and reference takes us inside the poetry of Miltona€™s masterpiece, Paradise Lost reveals itself in new formal configurations and unsuspected levels of meaning and design.Abdiela#39;s fight is a very Miltonic combat in which the captain of the debate club triumphs over the football team. ... The poem parallels the two acts and places them at the end of their respective books, lending the 1667 Paradise Lost two centers. ... Reduced to numbers without names, diminished in size, the devils become unreal in the final simile of book 1, a simile that makes them very little, into the littleanbsp;...

Title:Inside "Paradise Lost"
Author:David Quint
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2014-02-02


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