Inside the Minds of Car Dealers

Inside the Minds of Car Dealers

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Before his epiphany, Ray Lopez was every car buyer's a€œworst nightmarea€ a€b but not before he had them believing he was their new best friend! A car salesman for 30 years, Lopez was trained to analyze potential clients for quick psychological profiles so he could tailor his approach to push all their hot buttons and convincea€“a€“or coercea€“a€“them into purchasing the car HE wanted them to buy at the price HE said they could afford. Lopez doesn't take all the credit, however. The entire dealership was in on the game, from the service managers to the showroom staff to the car porters, taking cues from him to deliver their pitches, too. Even before customers stepped onto the lot, they were manipulated by the car dealership! But, the cold slap of reality left its mark on his face when Lopez cut a fair deal on a Mustang GT convertible for his brother. a€œWe're here to make money on everybody! You steal every last dollar you can get!a€ screamed his manager as Lopez's brother drove off the lot. a€œIf you cant f___ your own family and brag about it afterwards, you don't belong here!a€ Thanks to that wake-up call, Lopez quit to happily finish out his career at one of the few honest, reputable U.S. dealerships. Although he can't undo any of the deals he drove down consumers' throats before his revelation, Lopez made it his goal to expose the uncouth practices of car dealers by educating the people on every dirty detail, questionable sales practice and untold secret of how dealerships con the public.Before buying another car, let Ray Lopez, a former a€œswift talking, blood-sucking salespersona€ and author of Inside the Minds of Car Dealers give you a look under the hood of dealerships to show you every trick that will be used against you! Learn every single psychological ploy and manipulative scheme typical auto dealers employ to squeeze every last dime out of your pocketa€“a€“all while you're being sold a car you may not even want! Discover in detail the 12 crucial dos and don'ts to car buying from a seasoned insider. This comprehensive, tell-all car buying guide holds nothing back!Discover in detail the 12 crucial dos and dona#39;ts to car buying from a seasoned insider. This comprehensive, tell-all car buying guide holds nothing back! Dona#39;t buy a car before reading this book!

Title:Inside the Minds of Car Dealers
Author:Ray Lopez
Publisher:Five Star Publishing (MI) - 2009


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