Inside the Ring

Inside the Ring

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Once tainted by association with Hitler and Nazism, Richard Wagner's work has experienced an international cultural renaissance in the last 25 years. His magnum opus, Der Ring des Nibelungen, which took him over 20 years to finish, is a complex tale with themes of greed, corruption and loss, spun out in more than 16 hours of powerfully moving opera. This book, with provocative essays for both the uninitiated and the seasoned fan, examines Wagner's Ring cycle from a wide array of modern perspectives. Divided into six parts, this anthology first offers a foundation for the Ring, with a chronology and an introduction, along with a look at Wagner as an enterprising marketer. Part Two explores different interpretations of the Ring, with reference to politics, romanticism and international inspirations. Part Three studies the complex relationship between Wagner's Ring and Germany, with a summary of the opera's influence on German culture and a discussion of its Munich premiere. Part Four offers a production history, including studies of the Ring's effects in America and its influence on world literature. Part Five provides a technical examination of language in the Ring, as well as an interview with the famous Wagnerian soprano Jane Eaglen. The book concludes with an essay on the trouble with Wagnerian opera and an overview of the recorded Ring on disc, video and print.Essays on Wagnera#39;s Opera Cycle John Louis DiGaetani ... the overture prominently features a catchy polka which is heard again as part of the Act Two finale when the characters plot to slay Siegfried from behind. ... because of the personal nature of the work: as the title indicates, it is a parody of Siegmund and Sieglindea#39;s incestuous love in Die WalkA¼re and, indeed, ... The WalkA¼re lay with her coat of mail and her shield on her mossy couch ringed around with fire and smoke, with 6.

Title:Inside the Ring
Author:John Louis DiGaetani
Publisher:McFarland - 2006-02-27


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