Inside the Water Cycle

Inside the Water Cycle

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The water cycle is like a circle-it has no beginning and no end. When the sun heats ocean water, it evaporates and forms clouds in the sky. When these particles get big enough, they can fall to Earth as precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, snow, or hail. When water hits the ground, it can change to liquid, soak into the ground, or run off and form streams or rivers. But it always makes its way back to the ocean, where the cycle qbeginsq again.Cycles follow the path from one place to another and back around again. ... The elements that make water are hydrogen The truth is that cycles dona#39;t really have a start or finish. ... This diagram gives the idea of what a water molecule is like.

Title:Inside the Water Cycle
Author:William B. Rice
Publisher:Teacher Created Materials - 2007


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