Insider Computer Fraud

Insider Computer Fraud

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An organizationa€™s employees are often more intimate with its computer system than anyone else. Many also have access to sensitive information regarding the company and its customers. This makes employees prime candidates for sabotaging a system if they become disgruntled or for selling privileged information if they become greedy. Insider Computer Fraud: An In-depth Framework for Detecting and Defending against Insider IT Attacks presents the methods, safeguards, and techniques that help protect an organization from insider computer fraud. Drawing from the authora€™s vast experience assessing the adequacy of IT security for the banking and securities industries, the book presents a practical framework for identifying, measuring, monitoring, and controlling the risks associated with insider threats. It not only provides an analysis of application or system-related risks, it demonstrates the interrelationships that exist between an application and the IT infrastructure components it uses to transmit, process, and store sensitive data. The author also examines the symbiotic relationship between the risks, controls, threats, and action plans that should be deployed to enhance the overall information security governance processes. Increasing the awareness and understanding necessary to effectively manage the risks and controls associated with an insider threat, this book is an invaluable resource for those interested in attaining sound and best practices over the risk management process.Functioning system For example, data For example, function For example, network the business For example, ... data flow diagram For example, structure chart For example, Network Architecture For example, logistics network For example, anbsp;...

Title:Insider Computer Fraud
Author:Kenneth Brancik
Publisher:CRC Press - 2007-12-06


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