Insiders' French

Insiders' French

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If you had been living in France in the 1990s, the language you would have heard on the radio and television or seen in the newspapers would be far removed from the French language of ten or twenty years ago. The country and its language have changed tremendously in a relatively short period of time, and, as a result, English speakers with a grounding in French can still find themselves struggling to understand terms commonly encountered in contemporary French society. Luckily, Eleanor and Michel Levieux now bring us up to date with their Insiders' French, an utterly entertaining and informative guide to the language of the qnew France.q This qnew Franceq is a country poised to experience the European single currency but uncertain about being part of Europe. It is hooked on fast food but ambivalent about the country where it originated. France today has record unemployment and an increasingly controversial immigrant population. Clearly, given the rapidly changing conditions and lifestyles, conventional French dictionaries alone cannot completely inform readers and visitors. Insiders' French offers a solution to the incomprehension, a unique handbook in which you'll find the language of European union, the space program, abortion and women's rights, high-tech industries, and health care, among other topics. Entries proceed by association of ideas and related terms, with extensive cross-referencing, while still being alphabetized for easy reference like a standard dictionary. Cartoons from major French journals add to your understanding and enjoyment. Insiders' French opens up the secret territory of French politics and culture that is often not understood by visitors or students, and it does so with wit and vervea€”qualities that remain in the French language despite its recent changes.The turn signals on a car and, by extension, the warning signals in any context; les clignotants politiques, so- ciaux, and so forth. climat (m.) social ... Le climat social se degrade da#39;annee en annee; aquot;Labor relations are getting worse every year.aquot; De memoire de ... On a tout de suite evoque les problemes da#39;ordre ethique que souleve ou que pourrait soule- ver cette manipulation genetique. Le Presidentanbsp;...

Title:Insiders' French
Author:Eleanor Levieux, Michel Levieux
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 1999-05-15


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