Insidious Deception

Insidious Deception

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A peace initiative promoted by international conspirators intends to launch a U. S. Senator into the White House. The conspirators intend to corner the market for rare earth minerals, and take advantage of a brilliant university professor with dreams of parlaying the Arab Spring into a Middle East region of democracy, peace, human rights, and prosperity. After witnessing his lovera€™s drowning at sea, Rob Taylor swears revenge on the rare earth conspirators responsible. His quest sees him become apprentice to the conspiracya€™s leader and draws him into a sexual relationship with the mana€™s daughter. While the apprentice pursues the conspiracy, the professor and his Senator-mentor seek a peace conference to establish a Middle East Union. The apprenticea€™s cover is blown; the professor learns that the Senator has ulterior motives; the conference in Paris convenes; the Police Nationale are tipped to a plot to disrupt deliberations by destroying the Eiffel Tower; and post conference hits are ordered on the professor and apprentice. How will it all end?By eight fifteen a.m., Actros Transport loaded the trees on to an airconditioned truck and transferred them to the required ... If the final inspection failed to find them, the trees would be picked up and delivered by the landscaping service workinganbsp;...

Title:Insidious Deception
Author:Alan Moss
Publisher:Start Publishing LLC - 2013-03-01


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