Intelligent Internet knowledge networks

Intelligent Internet knowledge networks

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An introduction to wisdom-based computers and networks: the next generation in computing This revolutionary book introduces wisdom, virtue, values, and ethics within the context of processing data, information, knowledge, and intelligence. The author sets forth a new approach for designing information systems that emphasizes the interaction of modern computers and communication systems with human beings. In the past, computer system designers and network planners have ignored the knowledge, wisdom, and values that are an essential part of society. This book introduces qwisdom machine, q which scans large amounts of Internet data and applies artificial intelligence strategies to filter the data and derive initial knowledge bases. These knowledge bases are reprocessed with human oversight to discover underlying axioms of wisdom and then evaluated to identify a value structure that leads to the greatest benefits to society. Intelligent Internet Knowledge Networks is a fascinating text that expands your vision of how computers can be programmed and designed. Following the author's carefully structured logic, you will discover: Basic concepts in total program control of intelligent agents and machinesMethodologies to track actions and decisions within an organization that infringe upon its ethical, legal, and social codes of conductSoftware architectures and hardware configurations that facilitate a consistent and accountable flow of data, information, and proceduresPrograms that learn the consequences of management decisions and use this knowledge to develop guidelines for more effective and ethical proceduresTechnically sound IT platforms that can work for any organization This is a must-read for all students, researchers, engineers, and executives interested in exploring the potential of the next generation of computers and how they will benefit both their organizations and society.... IN (such as Bellcorea#39;s IN/1, IN/1+ architectures or the Universal Services Intelligent Network architecture discussed in [3]). ... recorded messages, or digit collection based on the multifrequency tones received at the off-network node ( ONN) or IP. ... In 1976, the idea of using the telephone set to verify credit card information automatically from remote computers was ... telephone network to control network functions as intricately as operational code controls the functions in a computer.

Title:Intelligent Internet knowledge networks
Author:Syed V. Ahamed
Publisher:John Wiley and Sons - 2007


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