Intelligent Mathematical Software Systems

Intelligent Mathematical Software Systems

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Most of the well-known mathematical software systems are batch oriented, though in the past few years there have been attempts to incorporate ``knowledge'' or ``expertise'' into these systems. A number of developments have helped in making the systems more powerful and user-friendly: algorithm/parameter selection for the solution of well-defined mathematical engineering problems; parallel computing; computer graphics technology; interface development tools; and of course the years of experience with these systems and the increase in available computing power have made it practical to fulfill the potential seen in the early years of their development. This book covers four main areas of the subject: Application Oriented Expert Systems, Advisory Systems, Knowledge Manipulation Issues, and User Interfaces.[8] P.W. Gaffney, C.A. Addison, B. Andersen, S. Bjornestad, R.E. England, P.M. Hanson, R. Pickering and MG. Thomason, NEXUS: towards a problem solving environment (PSE) for scientific computing, SIGN UM Newsletter 21 3 (1986) 13 a€”24. [9] P.W. Gaffney, J.W. ... [13] RTIRIM Usera#39;s Guide and Reference Manual, RIM Technology, Inc., 11661 SE First St., Bellevue, WA (1985). [14] K. Schulze and CW.

Title:Intelligent Mathematical Software Systems
Author:E.N. Houstis, R. Vichnevetsky, J.R. Rice
Publisher:Elsevier - 1990-07-01


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