Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema

Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema

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The Internet is at once the most terrifying and most beautifully innovative invention of the twentieth century. Examining both science fiction and realistic dramas, Tucker closely engages with films like The Net, Hackers, and The Matrix trilogy alongside more recent works like Tron: Legacy, The Social Network, The Amazing Spiderman, and Avatar. In combination with film theory and close textual analysis, he balances a historical understanding of the development of the Internet with an explanation of how the technology works in order to explore the ways in which this technology, both as a new medium and as represented in popular film, has shaped contemporary versions of self-identity, memory, and the human body.... game consoles (theXbox One; Seitz, a€œMicrosoft releases XboxOne in grand fashiona€)andthe Playstation 4(Poulisse, a€œPlaystation 4release kicks offconsole warsa€), warranted more commentaryas (possible) diegetic prototypes ofthe Internet.

Title:Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema
Author:Aaron Tucker
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2014-07-02


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