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This is not an qInternet Dating for Dummiesq book. This is not a book for the highbrow literati or for the notorious Grammar Nazis that lurk on the Internet. You won't find facts and figures here, nor will you find how-to instructions. What you will find are stories told by an adventuresome collection of people who have spent hours on the Internet looking for relationships, friendships, or just some good old-fashioned fun and laughs. These stories are intended to entertain and delight you, frighten and horrify you, and most of all, to prepare you for what you can expect when you decide to venture online in the penultimate quest for love and companionship. Internet dating has spread across the globe as quickly as the Internet has spread its cyber-wings. Nearly one hundred million adults have online profiles, and from these millions, we have collected a small group of real people who are willing to relate their experiences in their own words, words that won't send you running for a dictionary and words that will leave you either laughing at their misadventures or shaking your head in commiseration. Included in this motley crew is David Osterczy, father of three, photographer and storyteller. Dipping into three years of experience standing alongside his cohorts in the firing line of online dating, he brazenly lays out all the dirty details of his exploits, asks the questions we all want to ask, and explores all the twists and turns of the road to online romance. You are invited to form your own opinions as you read the many points of views, knowing that they are told with no punches pulled. Take it or leave it, this is the Internet dating community.There are those who will tell you that if it is meant to be for two people to be together, then it will all go swimmingly and smoothly as God intended it to be. Then there is the camp that will say that anything worth having does not come easy and is worth fighting for. So which is it? Does a relationship only work if everything goes well from the beginning until the inevitable first disagreement? Will you even getanbsp;...

Author:David Osterczy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-09


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