Internal Anatomy and Physiological Regulation

Internal Anatomy and Physiological Regulation

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The Biology of Crustacea, Volume 5: Internal Anatomy and Physiological Regulation is an eight-chapter book that begins with a discussion on the internal anatomy of Crustacea with emphasis on its major organ systems. This volume provides information on the regulation of the composition of hemolymph and provision of energy to tissues. Some chapters deal with the exchange and transport of gases, particularly, on ventilation, perfusion, and oxygen transport. Because this book contains vast background information and perspective on the subject matter, it will be a valuable source for zoologists, paleontologists, ecologists, physiologists, endocrinologists, morphologists, pathologists, and marine biologists. It will be an essential reference work for institutional libraries as well.Wilson, W. 1. (1970). Osmoregulatory capabilities in isopods: Ligia occidentalis and Ligia pallasii. Biol. Bull. (Woods Hole, Mass.) 138, 96a€”108. Witkus, E. R., Grillo, R. 5., and Smith, W. 1. (1969). Microtubule bundles in the hindgut epitheliumanbsp;...

Title:Internal Anatomy and Physiological Regulation
Author:Linda Mantel
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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