Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations

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Throughout the history of law enforcement, the internal investigation process has held the most negative connotation of any investigation conducted by law enforcement personnel. As we progress through the new millennium, the need for efficient and effective law enforcement services and practices grows ever more critical. The goal of this book is to demonstrate this need for proper and complete internal investigations, and to teach the entry level and tenured police supervisor the form and function of the internal investigations process. The text selectively focuses on the purposes and practical implications of internal investigations and the pitfalls. The goal is to guide students and professionals through definitions, terminology, legal and labor issues, case law, techniques and procedures, critical and special investigations, including issues in administrative and civil claims. The reader will find a model for conducting internal investigations of police personnel that will allow a police supervisor or commander to perform investigations in a thorough, ethical, legal, and equitable manner. This book will meet the needs of attorneys who litigate cases involving allegations of police misconduct as well as representatives of collective bargaining groups who represent police personnel in similar actions. The text ends with the offering of evidence identification, evaluation and collection, case review processes, risk management, training and managing internal investigators, and the future trends in internal investigations.One measurement is not enough to locate a point as two are needed to plot a location on a diagram. ... of the polygraph and voice stress analyzer (VSA) can be an effective method of investigation in the internal investigations process. Serious anbsp;...

Title:Internal Investigations
Author:Frank A. Colaprete
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2007


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