International Journalism and Democracy

International Journalism and Democracy

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This book examines different models from around the world of how journalism can support deliberation a€” the processes in which societies recognize and discuss the issues that affect them, appraise the potential responses, and make decisions about whether and how to take action. Authors from across the globe identify the types of journalism that might best assist or even drive deliberative activity in different cultural and political contexts. Case studies from 15 nations spotlight different approaches to deliberative journalism, including strategies that have been sometimes been labeled as public or civic journalism, peace journalism, development journalism, citizen journalism, the street press, community journalism, social entrepreneurism, or other names. Each of the approaches that are described offer a distinctive potential to support deliberative democracy, but the book does not present any of these models or case studies as examples of categorical success. Rather, it explores different elements of the nature, strengths, limitations and challenges of each approach, as well as issues affecting their longer-term sustainability and effectiveness.HerPhD research focuses onthe practices and interpretations ofpublic journalism intheFinnish press.She has alsoacted asan educatorfor ... He trainedat the Poynter Media Institute in the United States with Roy PeterClark and Christopher a€œChipa€ Scalan. Awoshakin was the ... MariaAlice LimaBaroni isa journalist at Universidade Veiga de Almeidaa#39;s Experimental Agency of News inBrazil.She is associatedanbsp;...

Title:International Journalism and Democracy
Author:Angela Romano
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-05-08


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