Internet-Based Language Learning: Pedagogies and Technologies

Internet-Based Language Learning: Pedagogies and Technologies

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The APACALL Book Series covers a wide range of issues in computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and offers opportunities for CALL researchers and practitioners to engage in research and discussion on their areas of interest.This book provides an up-to-date view of the field of CALL for applied linguists, researchers, language teachers and teacher trainers. It explores various aspects of Internet-based language learning (IBLL) and presents the findings of recent work in IBLL that are of direct relevance to second/foreign language learning and teaching. In particular, it looks into Web-based language learning, course management systems, digital storytelling, online dictation exercises, Web authoring projects, Web-based portfolios and blogging.Chapter authors include Antonie Alm, Wai Meng Chan, Ing Ru Chen, Penelope Coutas, Michael J. Crawford, Iain Davey, Brian Gregory Dunne, Debra Hoven and Jeong-Bae Son.Participants The number of OSWU students whose papers were analysed in this project totaled 49. All students were non-English majors. The breakdown comprised 22 first-year students majoring in Child Science and 27 second-year students also ... 2 (2nd year) a€œA Thank you lettera€ Student placement into classes was determined by the Assessment of Communicative ... The test produced by the Association for English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA), a Japanese non-profitanbsp;...

Title:Internet-Based Language Learning: Pedagogies and Technologies
Author:Jeong-Bae Son - 2009-12-21


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