Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition

Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition

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Dona€™t waste you time with health and diet Web sites that dona€™t work The Internet provides unlimited resources that make it easy to learn about various diets, weight-loss programs, and weight-reduction procedures. But with so many sources, which ones can you trust for information thata€™s safe, accurate, and up-to-date? The Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition saves you time, trouble, and effort in your search for Web sites that offer the facts about diet programs and nutrition philosophies that meet your health, medical, or religious needs. The Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition helps you filter out Web sites that offer little, if any, real help in maintaining special diets that address specific diseases (low protein, high calcium, low gluten, hypoallergenic, diabetes, cancer, anemia, etc.), religious or philosophical mandates (Hindu, kosher, vegan, Muslim, macrobiotic, etc.), or commercial regimens (Atkinsa„c, Weight WatchersAr, NutriSystemAr, etc.), or provide answers to questions about bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, stomach stapling, etc.). This invaluable reference resource teaches you how locate Web sites recommended to you, how to evaluate the information you find there, how to research a particular diet or health concern, how to choose and use the right search engine, the significance of domains in Web addresses, and how to observe proper etiquette when participating in Internet discussion groups. Topics examined in the Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition include: general diet and nutrition Web sites Web calculators (Body Mass Index, exercise, calories, weight-maintenance, healthy weight) the nutrient content of foods food labels non-surgical weight-loss Web sites caloric restrictions hypnosis weight-loss centers and workshops weight-loss surgery Web sites Web sites for specific medical conditions vegetarianism recipes online discussion groups and much more! The Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition also includes a glossary of terms and screen captures of important Web sites. The book is a must-have as an everyday resource for consumers with diet and health interests and concerns, and as a reference tool for medical and public libraries.See Obesity Surgery Support Group Osteoporosis. ... A Natural Approach to Migraines, 79 Physicians Weight Loss Centers, 49-50 Pirello, Christina. ... See Basal Metabolism Calculator Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, 58, 50. See alsoanbsp;...

Title:Internet Guide to Medical Diets and Nutrition
Author:Lillian Brazin
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-06-14


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